List of Journals

Agricultural Sciences
Advanced Journal of Agricultural Research ISSN: 2367-9816 DOI: 10.46992/AJAR
Advanced Journal of Seed Science and Technology ISSN: 2812-3425 DOI: 10.46992/AJSST
International Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development ISSN: 2716-7969 DOI: 10.46992/IJAEERD
International Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 1712-3496 DOI: 10.46992/IJAAS
International Journal of Agriculture and Food Security ISSN: 0812-3497 DOI: 10.46992/IJAFS
International Journal of Animal Science, Husbandry and Livestock Production ISSN: 2141-5191 DOI: 10.46992/IJASHLP
International Journal of Dairy Science and Technology ISSN: 1716-3498 DOI: 10.46992/IJDST
International Journal of Fishery Science and Aquaculture ISSN: 9521-4569 DOI: 10.46992/IJFSA
International Journal of Silviculture and Agroforestry ISSN: 1720-349X DOI: 10.46992/IJSA
International Journal of Soil Science and Agronomy ISSN: 1725-3497 DOI: 10.46992/IJSSA
International Journal of Weed Science and Technology ISSN: 4825-3499 DOI: 10.46992/IJWST
International Journal of Wood Science, Technology and Forestry ISSN: 1725-3497 DOI: 10.46992/IJWSTF
International Research Journal of Plant and Crop Sciences ISSN: 1711-3490 DOI: 10.46992/IRJPCS
Advanced Journal of Art and Islamic Culture Research ISSN: 1208-123X DOI: 10.46992/AJAICR
Advanced Journal of Corruption Research ISSN: 1239-1131 DOI: 10.46992/AJCR
Advanced Journal of Criminology and Security Research ISSN: 0239-1104 DOI: 10.46992/AJCSR
Advanced Journal of English and Literary Studies ISSN: 0869-1401 DOI: 10.46992/AJELS
Advanced Journal of Law and Discipline Research ISSN: 9833-1450 DOI: 10.46992/AJLDR
Advanced Journal of Philosophy and Sacred Theology Research ISSN: 3873-1053 DOI: 10.46992/AJPSTR
Advanced Journal of Political Science and International Diplomatic Relationship Research ISSN: 0873-5050 DOI: 10.46992/AJPSIDRR
Biological Sciences
Advanced Journal of Environmental Science and Technology ISSN: 2136-3468 DOI: 10.46992/AJEST
Advanced Journal of Histology and Cytology ISSN: 1373-2102 DOI: 10.46992/AJHC
Advanced Journal of World Biology Research ISSN: 0883-5756 DOI: 10.46992/AJWBR
Advanced Journal of World Population Research ISSN: 0613-5781 DOI: 10.46992/AJWPR
Advanced Research Journal of Biochemistry ISSN: 2901-2564 DOI: 10.46992/ARJB
Advanced Research Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 3456-097x DOI: 10.46992/ARJB
Advanced Research Journal of Immunology and Virology ISSN: 1760-3498 DOI: 10.46992/ARJIV
Advanced Research Journal of Microbiology ISSN: 1718-3499 DOI: 10.46992/ARJM
International Journal of Living wealth Research ISSN: 0413-5784 DOI: 10.46992/IJLWR
International Journal of Pollination Research ISSN: 0443-7780 DOI: 10.46992/IJPR
Scientific Journal of Bee and Honey Formation Research ISSN: 2303-2901 DOI: 10.46992/SJBHFR
Advanced Journal of Education Research ISSN: 2053-2105 DOI: 10.46992/AJER
Medical Sciences
Advanced Journal of Dentistry Research ISSN: 7443-0785 DOI: 10.46992/AJDR
Advanced Journal of Medicinal Plants Research ISSN: 2812-3492 DOI: 10.46992/AJMPR
Advanced Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research ISSN: 7943-0783 DOI: 10.46992/AJNMR
Advanced Journal Of Surgical Pathology ISSN: 7853-1292 DOI: 10.46992/AJSP
Advanced Research Journal of Medical Sciences ISSN: 1740-3499 DOI: 10.46992/ARJMS
Advanced Research Journal of Obesity ISSN: 7963-0707 DOI: 10.46992/ARJO
Advanced Research Journal of Optician ISSN: 1903-0878 DOI: 10.46992/ARJO
Advanced Research Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology ISSN: 1730-3494 DOI: 10.46992/ARJPP
Advanced Research Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology ISSN: 5167-4231 DOI: 10.46992/ARJPHE
International Journal of AIDS and HIV Research ISSN: 7853-1101 DOI: 10.46992/IJAHR
International Journal of Malaria and Tropical Diseases ISSN: 2953-2108 DOI: 10.46992/IJMTD
International Journal of Pregnancy and Childbirth ISSN: 7853-2108 DOI: 10.46992/IJPC
Physical Sciences
Advanced Journal of Computer Science and Information technology ISSN: 1503-0873 DOI: 10.46992/AJCSIT
Social Sciences
Advanced Journal of Geography and Regional Planning ISSN: 2063-210X DOI: 10.46992/AJGRP
Advanced Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research ISSN: 2073-2104 DOI: 10.46992/AJPAPR
Advanced Research Journal of Banking, Economics and Finance ISSN: 1273-2109 DOI: 10.46992/ARJBEF
Advanced Research Journal of Business Management ISSN: 1073-2101 DOI: 10.46992/ARJBM
Advanced Research Journal of Marketing Management ISSN: 1673-2103 DOI: 10.46992/ARJMM
International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism ISSN: 1573-210X DOI: 10.46992/IJHT
International Research Journal of Accounting and Taxation ISSN: 1873-2100 DOI: 10.46992/IRJAT