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Potential of carbon sequestration in rangelands of central Alborz (Iran)

M. Alizadeh

Msc. of rangeland sciences and Specialist of Department of Natural Resources and Watershed in Tehran, Iran

Corresponding Author 's Email:[email protected] 

Accepted 16 July,  2018.


Carbon sequestration by rangelands is one of effective strategies, for preventing of climate change. The rangelands of Central Alborz (Iran) are important because of high diversity in plants species. In order to estimate the potential of carbon sequestration in these rangelands, two sites including Kabodno and Peymalat were selected. The carbon sequestration in plant biomass and soil was calculated by Ash and Walkley-Black method, respectively. The results showed that the carbon sequestration on plant biomass is almost double in the Kabodno site than Peymalat site. While the soil carbon sequestration on the Peymalat site is more than Kabodno site. Statistically, there is significant difference (Pvalue<0.05) between tow regions with a view to comparison of soil carbon sequestration in 0-15 cm soil depth was observed that statistical difference between two regions are significant (Pvalue<0.05), but these differences in depth of 15-30 are not clear. The distribution of the carbon in each item of studied factors showed that soil, aerial phytomass, subsurface phytomass and litter had the highest to the lowest shares of the carbon sequestration in two sites, respectively.

Key words: Carbon sequestration, Climate Change, Rangelands, Central Alborz, Kabodno, Peymalat, Iran.

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