International Research Journal of Plant and Crop Sciences

International Research Journal of Plant and Crop Sciences (IRJPCS) ISSN 1711-3490, Vol. 6(4), pp. 201-210, December, 2021.  © Advanced Scholars Journals

Review paper

 Plant tissue culture and its application in modern crop improvement

 *1Werkissa Yali and Temesgen Begna2

 *1&2Chiro National Sorghum Research and Training Centre, P.O.BOX 190, Chiro, Ethiopia

*Corresponding Author’s

 Accepted 13th December, 2021



The culture of plant tissue includes the culture of all types of plant cells, tissues and organs under aseptic conditions. This definition also extends to the embryonic culture and protoplast culture. Tissue culture techniques and their use in plant distribution and genetic development are presented. Areas to be reviewed include: embryonic culture, meristem culture, micropropagation, somatic embryogenesis, somaclonal diversity, in vitro selection, anther culture and protoplast culture, advantages and disadvantages, categories. Biotechnology component techniques are widely used for basic and practical purposes ranging from research into crop development processes, practical genetic studies, commercial micropropagation, genetically modified crop production, crop breeding and crop development, virus removal high-quality, conservation and preservation of germplasm of vegetable-propagated plants, as well as rescuing endangered or endangered plant species. The role of the plant component in basic and applied biological disciplines has been growing rapidly. The use of in vitro technology in plant extraction and the integration of bioactive components has often become a lucrative industry worldwide. It is an important part of plant biotechnology.


Keywords: tissue culture, biotechnology, micropropagation, plant breeding 


*1Werkissa Yali and Temesgen Begna2

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