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International Journal of Wood Science, Technology and Forestry (IJWSTF) ISSN: 1725-3497, Vol. 7(1), pp. 151-157, February, 2022.  © Advanced Scholars Journals

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Challenges in mangrove ecosystems conservation: Multi-stakeholder participation in Mida creek and Gongoni-Marereni mangrove ecosystems in Kilifi County, Kenya

Edward Salehe Mwamuye1, Mwangome Muye Chongomwa2 and Stanley Nadir3

1Bangor University UK.

2Community Based Environmental Conservation (COBEC) Watamu, Kenya

3Kenya Forestry Research Institute

*Corresponding Author’s E-Mail: muye27@yahoo.com2

Accepted 30th  December, 2021.


Multi-stakeholder approach improves conservation of natural resources especially where a functional coordination framework exists. A comparison of two sites, Mida creek and Gongoni-Marereni, was carried out in relation to stakeholder challenges in conservation of mangrove ecosystems. Semi-structured interview questionnaires were administered to key informants to collect data from stakeholders. Mangrove ecosystems in Gongoni-Marereni were exposed to more threats, hence more degraded, while in Mida creek had less threats and in good conditions. There were notable variations in multi-stakeholder challenges in mangrove conservation in the two sites. Mida creek had more stakeholders with a functional coordination framework compared to Gongoni-Marereni. In both study sites stakeholders had unique challenges. More benefits of mangrove ecosystems were derived by stakeholders in Mida creek than in Gongoni-Marereni.

Key words: Challenges, Multi-stakeholder, Multi-stakeholder participation, Mangrove ecosystem, Threats

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