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Non-conventional starter kombucha cultivated in combination with probiotics for milk fermentation

*Atatürk Adivar Ecevit, Kemal Ertegun and Altan Y. E.

 University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, Bulevar Cara Lazara 1, Serbia.

*Corresponding  author. E-mail: dr.atatü              

Accepted 15 September, 2017


The possibility of kombucha application cultivated on two different tea types in combination with probiotics for milk fermentation at different temperatures, as well as the physicochemical and textural properties of manufactured fermented milk products were investigated. Combination of probiotic starter culture and kombucha inoculums, cultivated on Camellia sinensis (black tea) and Thymus serphyllum (thyme tea) were used for milk fermentation. Obtained results showed that kombucha inoculums cultivated on different tea types could be used for fermented milk products in combination with probiotic starter culture. Different temperatures of milk fermentation had no significant effect on chemical characteristics of kombucha fermented dairy products. As the results of factorial ANOVA test revealed the significant influence of the interaction of factors Temperature*Tea type on L–lactic acid content. Tea type had singificant influence on textural characteristics of fermented dairy products, especially after storage. After 10 day of storage, all textural characteristics except firmness had highly significant diferences depending on the tea type used for kombucha inoculum cultivation. Significant effect on textural characteristics showed interaction of factors Tea Type*Day of storage.

Key words: Fermented milk product, kombucha, textural properties, physicochemical properties.

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