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Influence of botanicals, fungicides, plant growth regulator treatments on seedling characters of marigold (tageteserectal.)” variety: pusabasanti and kalyan-2

1*Samanth Goud, 1Abhinav Dayal, 1Prashant Kumar Rai, 2Neha Thomas, 3VP Sahi4 and Anita Kerketta

1Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding,

2Department of HorticultureSam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Prayagraj (U.P.)

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Accepted 25th October, 2021.


 The present study was carried out at seed testing Laboratory of the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, SHUATS Allahabad, U.P during Rabi 2020-2021 with marigold varieties Pusabasanti and Kalyan-2 This experiment was carried out inCRD for lab experiment (9 Traits with 4 Replications). The experimental observations summarized below based on the objectives and traits under taken in the study. The study revealed that  when varieties primed with T10 (GA3 100 ppm) resulted in increase of Germination percent, Speed of germination, Root length, Shoot length, Seedling length, Fresh weight, Dry weight, Vigour index I, Vigour index II . GA3 performed better among other treatments and enhanced seedling characters followed by T9 (GA3 50 ppm), T12 (NAA 50ppm). By the study it can be recommended that marigold  seedlings  characters are improved with the application of GA3.

Keywords: GA3, marigold, priming, speed of germination, seedling characters etc.

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