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In vitro seed germination biology of Milicia excelsa and Terminalia ivorensis populations collected in the Benchi Maji zone in southwestern Ethiopia

Mohammed Adefa1* and Yigardu Mulatu2

1Central Ethiopia Environment and Forest Research Center, EEFRI2 Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) 

1*Corresponding author’s email:

Accepted 13th December, 2021


Miricia is an excellent source of timber, and we need to find innovative ways to utilize native trees. Terminalia ivorensis is an introduced lumber that is difficult to germinate. The main purpose of this experiment is to study the in vitro seed germination physiology of M. excels and T. ivorensis. Therefore, we tested the seed germination physiology of  M. excels and Terminalia ivorensis collected in the Benchi district of the Benchi Maji zone in southwestern Ethiopia  to examine germination responses at various pre-sowing treatments. A total of 1000  M. excels seeds were tested with 9 pre-sowing treatments (and controls), 4 iterations each, and 25 seeds per replication  at room temperature in a fully randomized design. First sown with disc paper (3 month test period). Meanwhile, T. A total of 300 seeds of  ivorensis were seeded and tested, two pre-sowing treatments (and controls) were repeated 4 times each, and 25 seeds were first sown in sand trays at room temperature (test). Period 3 months). Seed germination analysis of M. excelsa was better with sandpaper-rubbed seeds (39%), followed by seeds treated with hot water at 70 ° C for 15 minutes (24%), and seeds soaked in hot water and soaked in 1 g / LNAA. It shows that the  germination rate is high. (twenty two%). Analysis of the one-way study shows that the average germination of "sand seeds" is significantly higher than the effect of  other pre-sowing treatments at p & lt ;. 0.05. Meanwhile, T. Seed germination of  ivorensis shows a high average germination rate of untreated seeds (62%), followed by "24-hour water-soaked seeds (47%)", but ttest shows significance. Is not ... 0.05 for p & lt ;. Overall, M seed germination capacity. Excelsa can be improved by rubbing it with sandpaper and soaking it in hot water or biochemicals such as  growth hormone to break the  dormancy. In addition, T. Other potential pre-sowing techniques can be explored to further explore potential techniques for promoting seed germination of  ivorensis.

Keywords: Milicia,  Timber, Terminalia, Seeds Germination, Physiology, Pre-sowin

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