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 Determination of Seed Production Cost and Net benefit of hybrid Maize at Bako Agricultural Research Center, Western Oromia, Ethiopia

*1Megersa Debele and Belay Taressa2

1&2Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI), Bako Agricultural Research Center. P.O. Box: 03. Bako.

*Corresponding author E.mail: [email protected]

Accecpted 15th September, 2023.


Maize is the primary staple food crop in many developing countries. Maize is Ethiopia’s most important cereal crop in terms of production level and area coverage. Maize productivity in the country seems to be the highest with an average yield of 4.2 tons ha-1. Thus, the work was conducted to assess the cost-benefit analysis of maize hybrid seed production. The seed production of male and female parental lines of Maize hybrid (BH-661, BH-546, BH-547 and BH-549) was multiplied at Bako Agricultural Research Center in Seed Research and Technology Multiplication team during the 2021/2022 cropping season.  The cost of production includes labor, fuel and material inputs on working capital. The observations indicated that about 64.2% of variable costs are due to human labor, 9.99% to fuel costs and 25.79% to material inputs of cost. The total value of gross production involving processed hybrid seed, rejected seed and fodder was estimated at 160,400, 000 Birr. The benefit/cost ratio worked out is 1.35 with the net income of 41595 ET birr per hectare for maize hybrid seed production. However, this benefit/cost ratio can be expected only under normal favorable conditions, with the availability of all facilities and inputs to carry out seed production.

Key Benefit, cost, Maize, Net income, production

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