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The Nutritive Value of meat and egg of indigenous chicken strains in Ethiopia

*Getachew BF1, Wondmeneh E4, Gebeyehu G2,Aberra M3 and Tadelle D4

1Gambella University, College of Agriculture and Natural resource, Department of Animal production and Technology, P O Box 126,Gambella, Ethiopia.

2Addis Ababa University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Department of Animal Production, P O Box 34, Bishoftu, Ethiopia.

3Hawassa University, School of Animal and Range Sciences, P O Box 5, Hawassa, Ethiopia.

4International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI),African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author: e-mail: [email protected], 

Accepted 16th March, 2023


The present study was conducted to investigate the nutritive value of meat and egg of indigenous chicken strains. At otal of 32 mixed sex matured chickens from Abobo (Ab), Gambella ketema Zuria (Gkz), Itang (It),Lare (La), and 30 eggs were used from each ecotype to determine nutritive value. Complete randomized design arrangements were used. The nutritive value of meat and eggs were determined according to the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC, 2010) methods. Mean comparisons were made by using Tukey`s studentized range test method at p<0.05. The breast meat had higher protein contents in all chicken strains than the thigh and drumstick meat. The overall mean of crude protein contents (19.85±0.57) in all strains of chicken’s breast meat had higher than the thigh (18.84±0.74) and drum stick meat (18.76±0.52). The crude protein contents (20.51±0.11) of Gkz strain egg were higher than the Ab, It and La strains egg 19.45± 0.23, 19.42± 0.32 and 19.43±0.41 respectively.

Key words:  egg, chickens, meat, Nutritive, Strains

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