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Prevalence of Trypanosomiasis among Sheep and Goats slaughtered at Sokoto Central Abattoir.

Kiran Singh* and Abdurrahman Idris

Department of Biological Sciences, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, PMB-2346, Nigeria, West Africa.

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:

Accepted 13 November,2017


The study was conducted to determine the prevalence of trypanosomiasis in sheep and goat; slaughtered at Sokoto central abattoir. Blood samples were collected from 60 sheep and goats, in sample bottles containing EDTA, and analyzed for the presence of Trypanosomes using Giemsa thick blood smears technique. Wet film and thick blood smear were prepared according to standard procedure and stained with giemsa stain for the detection of the parasites. The result obtained revealed that 19% of sheep and 6% of goats slaughtered in Sokoto central abattoir were infected with trypanosomiasis. The prevalence of disease based on cattle animal gender, showed that females were more infected than males. Based on this study it can be concluded that, there is need to educate the farmers and sheep and goat rearers on the occurrence, effects and means of protection from Trypanosomiasis in the study area. 

Key words: Trypanosomiasis, Sheep, Goat, Intestinal parasites of cattle, Sokoto.

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