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Effects of gingember meal (Zingiberofficinalis) as food additive on the in vivo digestibility and feed intake of guinea pig (CaviaporcellusL.)

MBA Tene LA1, Miegoue E1*, Sawa C2, Ntsafack P1, Noumbissi MNB1, Nguedia G1and Tendonkeng F1

*1University of Dschang, Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences; Department of Zootechny; Animal Nutrition and production Research Unit. P.O. Box. 188 Dschang, Cameroun.

2Institutde Recherche Agronomiquede Guinée Conakry. PO. Box.1523.

*Corresponding author; E-mail:

Accepted 11th January, 2021


Guinea pigs are monogastric herbivores with a particular digestive system essentially based on the gut flora equilibrium. Due to some of their properties, gingember meal in the diet can improve feed intake and the digestibility of diets by stimulating in the caecum the development of fibrolytics bacteria over pathogens bacteria. Thus, the aim of this work carried out at the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FAAS) of the University of Dschang farm was to study the effects of ginger powder (Zingiberofficinalis) as a food additive on the in vivo digestibility and intake of nutrients of guinea pigs. The trial was set up according to a factorial design (ration and sex) in four batches of 5 males and 5 females each. Thus, 40 guinea pigs weighing 450 ± 50 g were used. The control ration assigned to animals in batch 1 (TG 0) did not contain ginger meal. The animals of batch 2 (TG 0.5); 3 (TG 0.75) and 4 (TG 1) received respectively 0.5%; 0.75% and 1% ginger meal in their rations. The grassT. laxum was served ad libitum as base diet. It appears from this study that the ration containing 0% of  ginger meal significantly (p<0.05) improved the compound food (26.46 DM/d/ animal), the dry matter (DM) (89.52 DM/d/animal), the organic matter (MO) (81.51 DM/d/animal) and the  crude  protein  (PB)  (14.15  gDM/d/  animal) intake compared to animals of other diets. The ration containing 0.75% of ginger meal significantly better (p<0.05) improved the crude protein digestibility (94.92%) only on males.  Regarding   Daily weight gain (ADG), males of the control diet have obtained significantly better weight gain (26g/d) than others.

Key words: feed intake, Guinea pig, in vivo digestibility, weight gain, Zingiberofficinalis.

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