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Evaluation of microorganisms on clariasgariepinus and gymnarchusniloticus from Delta region (Ese Odo), Southwest Nigeria

Abidemi –Iromini AO

Department Of Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology, Federal University Of Technology. Akure, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author’s, 

Accepted 18th December, 2021


A study of environmental conditions and effects on bacterial abundance, load, and prevalence of two economically important fish species in Nigeria (Clariasgariepinus and Gymnarchusniloticus) was conducted in the (aquatic) environment of the Ese Odo Delta. A total of 46 fish samples, including 23 Clariasgariepinus and 23 Gymnarchusniloticus, were collected from around the EseOdo Delta and analyzed for bacterial abundance, prevalence, and burden. 17 species of bacteria were recovered from African Clarias and 5 species of bacteria were recovered from Gymnarchus niloticus. The bacterial load in the body of Clarias garie was 67.28 ± 29.11 × 103 in the skin, 30.14 ± 29.16 × 103 in the intestine, 22.57 ± 9.57 × 103 in the gills, 11.71 ± 17.34 × 102 in the liver, and 60.29 ± 25 for Gymnarchusniloticus. , 69, 69 ± 25.69 × 103 skin,11.14 ± 3.43 × 103  intestine, 5.17 ± 2, 05 × 103  gills and  liver 3.14 ± 2.47 × 102. The prevalence of bacteria was highest in the skin. .. Bacterial species include Bacillus sp, Streptococcus sp, Spirillum sp, Pseudomonas sp. , Escherichia coli, Vibrosp, Proteus sp, Aerococcus sp, Lactobacillus sp, Micrococcus sp, Staphylococcus sp, Fusobacterium sp, Citrobacter sp, Bacteriodes sp, Zoogloe sp. , Alcoligene ssp and Xanthomonas sp. Staphylococcus sp is G. 33% in niloticus, C. Gariepinus accounted for 16%. There was also a significant difference  in bacterial load and prevalence between C. gariepinus and G. niloticus fish collected from the Ese Odo Delta environment.


Keywords: Microorganisms, Clariasgariepinus, Gymnarchusnilotics, Esa-Odo, Environment, bacteria


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