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Production of Bioorganic Liquid Fertilizer from Coffee Ground and Banana Peels

Bedhasa T, Zekeria Y*, Misrak K

School of Biological and Biotechnological Sciences, Haramaya University

*Corresponding Author’s

Accepted 16 June, 2020.


Bioorganic liquid fertilizer not only increases bioorganic fertility of crops (in comparison to the control and prototype fertilizer), but also accelerates their maturation and nutrient quality. Thus, the present study was aimed to produce bioorganic liquid fertilizer from coffee ground and banana peels through aerobic fermentation in open containers. The result indicated that Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and sodium (Na) were found to be significant between bioorganic liquid fertilizer and compost tea (used as a control) solutions. However, there were no significance differences with respect to Carbon(C) and  Nitrogen (N) contents of the solutions. Comparison of mineral composition of bioorganic liquid fertilizer and compost tea solutions with the standard for major macronutrients requirement of plants indicated that the composition of both fertilizer solutions in the present study satisfies the standard with bioorganic liquid fertilizer being higher in mean values for most of the studied mineral plant nutrients. The bioorganic liquid fertilizer produced was evaluated by growing lettuce in pots in two replications. It was indicated that the performance of lettuce irrigated with bioorganic fertilizer solution was performing better than compost tea solution and soil grown plant. It can be concluded from the present study that bioogranic liquid fertilizer can be produced from locally available substrates like sheep manure and banana peels. Small holder farmers can get economic relief, because by using this technology, thus, they can minimize the use of chemical fertilizer which is being expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Keywords: Compost tea, Electrical conductivity, Lettuce, Organic Fertilizers, Plant macronutrients.

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