Advanced Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research

Advanced Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research (AJNMR) ISSN: 7943-0783, Vol. 1(1), pp. 001-005, February, 2022.  © Advanced Scholars Journals

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Warm seafood preservation into extraordinarily experienced women is condensed in pregnancy: A lead study

*Dowager JK, Hibbeln TT and Wen ZM

De partment of Food Science and Technology, Hungkuang University, No. 1018, Sec. 6, Taiwan Boulevard, Shalu District, Taichung City 43302, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Accepted  20 January, 2022


Oily fish is a unique natural source of vitamin D and marine n3 fatty acids. The purpose of this study was to investigate where pregnant women receive nutritional advice and whether they eat seafood during pregnancy. A self-selected expedient sample  of highly educated women (n = 43) answered a self-managed web-based questionnaire. Women reduced their intake of both lean (p <0.013) and oily (p <0.003) fish during pregnancy. This suggests that women are not fully aware of the beneficial effects of ingesting fish and shellfish during pregnancy.

Key words: Marine n-3 fatty acids, Pregnant woman, vitamin D, nutritional advice, omega-3 fatty acids, seafood.

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