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Estrus synchronization of Desert ewes under dryland farming in North Kordofan, Sudan

Rogaya M. Idris1, Abdelrahman A. Khatir2, Abdelmoneim M. Abu Nikhaila3, Mitsuru Tsubo4, Yasunori Kurosaki4, Imad-eldin A. Ali-Babiker2, Romaz M.A. Omer3, Hind A. Salih1, Mohammed-Khair A. Ahmed3 and Faisal M. El-Hag2,4,*

Short title: Estrus management in free ranging Desert ewes

1Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Kordofan

2Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC), Sudan

3Faculty of Animal Production, University of Khartoum

4Arid Land Research Center (ALRC), Tottori University, 1390 Hamasaka, Tottori 680-0001, Japan.

*Corresponding Author email:

Accepted 18th May, 2021.


Estrus synchronization, as a climate change adaptation, was imposed on two hundred Sudan Desert ewes (9-10 months old, 28 kg av. wt.), under dryland farming in North Kordofan, Sudan, during January-August 2019. The ewes were supplemented with a concentrate mixture (200 g/head/day) one-month prior to trials, divided into four similar groups and randomly assigned to four treatments. A control receiving no treatment (A), synchronized with FGA sponges (40 mg) for 14 days plus 400 IU PMSG (B), or plus 600 IU PMSG (C), or by the ram effect (D). Ten rams were introduced for natural mating. Highest (P<0.01) fertility (82.0%) and fecundity (78.0%) rates were for ewes in C and B, respectively. Prolificacy rate was slightly highest (P>0.05) in C (85.4%) while comparatively highest (P>0.05) litter size resulted in B (1.1). Highest lamb weights (P<0.01) at birth and at 30 days of age were for B (2.95 and 10.16 kg, respectively). Plasma progesterone concentrations were higher (P<0.01) for A, B and C compared with D. Estrus synchronization had improved desert ewe fertility and twining rates. Combined ram effect and estrus synchronization protocols for improving desert ewe productivity under dryland conditions in Sudan and similar ecological zones need to be studied.

Keywords: desert ewes, drylands, climate change adaptation, estrus synchronization, progesterone, reproductive parameters

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