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Effect of bio-pesticides and antagonistic synthetic pesticides in managing tomato pests and fungal diseases under agro-climatic conditions of Huye District-Rwanda

Ndaruhutse Felicien1*, Mukakalinda Aline1, Cyiza Vedaste2 and Maniraho Eric3

1Rwanda Polytechnic/ Integrated Polytechnic Regional College/ Department of Agricultural engineering

2Rwanda TVET Board/Department of Curriculum development

3University of Rwanda/ College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

*Corresponding Author’s:E-mail:

Accepted 11th October, 2021


In Rwanda many farmers use chemicals in tomato production to control diseases and pests as it appears in many research regionally; and those chemicals are not environmentally friendly. Apparently, there is no research done in Rwanda on effect of bio-pesticides use which farmers can refer to for improving their tomatoes production. The present study was under taken to evaluate the effectiveness of some bio-pesticides in managing pests and diseases of tomato under field conditions. The field experiments were conducted over two cropping cycles between October 2020 and June 2021 in the field of Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Huye, with a long history of tomato growing. The effects of selected bio-pesticides were observed. Bio-pesticides reduced the intensity of late blight levels by 63% and 70% respectively and early blight by 44% and 33% respectively. Bio-pesticides reduced the population of Tuta absoluta and white flies by 65%, and 73% respectively. The Bio-pesticides reduced pest and disease damage on fruits by up to 50% and 67% respectively. Success of bio-pesticides compared positively with that of the synthetic pesticides. The results showed that bio-pesticides from natural environments can be incorporated in integrated pest and disease management in tomato and can help reduce overuse of synthetic pesticides.

Keywords: Synthetic pesticides, Bio-pesticides, Tomato pests, Tomato diseases

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