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Effect of Cuisenaire Rods’ loom on some Nigeria primary pupils’ attainment in decimal fractions

James  Karume*  and Andy MoMoh**

1Statistics  Education , Department of Mathematics Bauchi State University, Bauchi, State, Nigeria.

2Applied Mathematics Education , Department of Mathematics Bauchi State University, Bauchi, State, Nigeria.


Accepted 20 October, 2015


This study determined the result of Cuisenaire Rods’ loom on some Nigeria primary pupils’ attainment in decimal fractions. Three hypotheses guided the study. A total of 200 Primary six pupils (that is, 6th grade) from randomly selected schools in Bauchi metropolis of Bauchi State of Nigeria served as the sample for the study. A Mathematics Attainment Test on Decimal Fractions (MATDF) developed by the researchers and validated by three experts with a reliability coefficient of 0.89 using K-R 21, was used for data collection. Two way Analysis of Covariance was used for analyzing the data. The results revealed that there was a significant difference between pupils taught fractions using Cuisenaire Rods’ loom and those taught fractions using conventional loom with Cuisenaire rod loom being more facilitative (F1, 199 = 12.231; p < 0.05). Secondly, there was no significant difference between male and female pupils taught using Cuisenaire Rods loom (F1, 199 = 3.453; p >.05). However, there was no significant interaction effect of method and gender on achievement (F1, 199 = 1.424; p > 0.05) It was therefore recommended among others that teachers of mathematics should adopt Cuisenaire Rods loom in teaching mathematics in primary schools in the study area to ensure hands-on-activities and thereby contributing to enhanced understanding.

Key words: Cuisenaire Rods loom, pupils’ attainment in mathematics, manipulative activities, hands-on, concrete materials, abstract materials, decimal fractions.

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