International Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences (IJAAS) ISSN: 1712-3496, Vol. 6(3), pp. 193-201,  September,  2021. © Advanced Scholars Journals

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Evaluation of Improved Tef (Eragrostis tef) varieties at North Shewa, Oromia, Ethiopia

Geleta Negash1, *, Zewdu Tegenu2

1* Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO), Fitche Agricultural Research Centre, Fitche, Oromia, Ethiopia,

2Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO), Fitche Agricultural Research Centre, Fitche, Oromia, Ethiopia

*Corresponding author’s E-mail:

Accepted 20th September, 2021.


Tef   is endemic to Ethiopia and its major diversity is found only in that country as with several other crops. The exact date and location for the domestication of tef is unknown. The information of the interface between varieties and environment with yield and yield components is   important aspect of effective selection in crop improvement. Therefore, the objective of this study was: to evaluate and identify tef varieties with high grain yield and yield stability with good agronomic performance across locations. The study was conducted on fifteen enhanced tef varieties, against local check at Fitche Agricultural Research Center in 2020/21cropping season. Analysis of variance detected significant difference, among varieties in separated and combined analysis of variance. The combined ANOVA and AMMI analysis for grain yield across environments indicated significantly affected by environments, explained 81.23% of the total variation. Varieties and variety x environmental interation were significant and accounted for 6.73% and 7.58 %, respectively.PCA1 and PCA2 accounted for 3.59 % and 2.71 % of the GEI, respectively, with a total of 6.3 % variation. Generally, Dagim and Nigus were identified as better varieties for yielding ability and stability across environments and will be demonstrated and widely disseminated for end user.

Key words: AMMI, GGEI, Performance, Stability, Eragrostis tef