Advanced Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research (AJPAPR) ISSN 2073-2104, Vol. 1 (5), pp. 039-045, April, 2023. © Advanced Scholars Journals

Full length Research paper

Network of water agendas in the print media of Mexico City: Force of profusion of scarcity, famine and unhealthiness reported from 2019 to 2022

1Margarita Juarez Najera, 2Francisco Ruben Sandoval Vazquez,3Jose Marcos Bustos Aguayo, 4Jose Alfonso Aguilar Fuentes, Cruz Garcia Lirios5*, Gabriel Perez Crisanto6 and Juan Antonio Garza Sanchez7

1Department Engineering, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana: [email protected],

2Department Political Sciences, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos: [email protected],

3Department Psychology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico: [email protected],

4Department Communication Sciences, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico: [email protected],

5Department Social Work, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico: [email protected],

6Department Communication Sciences, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana: [email protected],

7Department Communication Sciences, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon: [email protected],

Accepted 30thApril, 2022


The media are assumed by the present writing as a key piece in the establishment of an agenda with democratic purposes, however, a review of the categories of spheres, power, freedom, security and justice seem to guide the discussion to its inclusion as instruments of the State for the governability of civil society. In this sense, it is necessary to analyze the possible scenarios in which the media establish the issues that the civil and political spheres discussed around the clarification of their differences. Such an exercise of discussion will allow us to anticipate the contexts in which the four actors, society, market, State and means will pass through three axes that go from power to freedom, from security to insecurity and from justice to injustice supported by two approaches: liberal and community.  A documentary, exploratory and bioinformatic study was carried out with a selection of press releases published from 2019 to 2022 in newspapers with national circulation. The prevalence of a water agenda focused on insalubrity was found, which allowed inferring a hegemonic verisimilitude and verifiability framework among the consulted press. Water problems were discussed as central axes and themes of a risk communication agenda associated with COVID-19. In reference to the theoretical, conceptual and empirical frameworks, an investigation of the water agenda oriented to risk perception of public service users was suggested.

Keywords: Power, freedom, security, justice and sphere