Advanced Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR) ISSN 2367-9816 Vol. 9(1), pp. 257-261, January, 2022.  © Advanced Scholars Journals

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Mechanical control of rodents by using wire-box and glue traps in Sugar cane plantations at Sohag Governorate, Egypt

Abd El-Aleem SS. Desoky1, Abdel - Latief A. Abazaid2 and Mahmoud M. K. Ali3

1Plant Protection Department (Agricultural Zoology), Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University

2 Sugar Crops Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center

3 Post Graduate Student, Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University

*Corresponding author’s E-mail: 

Accepted 5th January,  2022.


Studies were carried out during two successive years (2017-2019) at Sohag  Governorate (Gazert Shandweel Village Located at 15 km North of  Sohag  District). In this study, wire-box and glue traps were used to control rodents attacking Sugar cane plants. The results showed that the number of rodents caught during the 2017-2018 season was 45 individuals using wire-box traps and 73 individuals by glue traps, and the results in the second year 2018-2019 show that the number of rodents caught by wire-box traps was 65 individuals. and 78 individuals with glue traps. Both data in Table (1,2) showed that the glue traps were the highest rodent species captured from the thicker traps and most suitable for the house mouse, M. musculus.

Keywords: wire-box traps, glue traps, rodents, Sugar cane, M. musculus