International Research Journal of Plant and Crop Sciences (IRJPCS) ISSN 1711-3490, Vol. 6(2), pp. 188-195, November, 2021.© Advanced Scholars Journals

Review paper

Breeding of sorghum crop for resistance and tolerance to drought

Daniel Nadew*1, Tamirat Bejiga2 and Temesgen Teressa3

*1,2&3Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Melkassa Agriculture Research Center, Adama, Ethiopia

Accepted 21st September, 2021.


Drought is a limiting factor for the production of crops across the entire world. Since sorghum is highly produced from arid to semi-arid tropics, it is one of the stable crops for farmers around those areas. However, there are a number obstacles that retard the product and production system of sorghum in the country. Among these challenges’ drought is a series issue. Breeding of crops can improve the capability of the crop to withstand the harsh environments. In the case of sorghum, currently, different varieties that are created with the help of plant breeding effort that are increasing the yield through tolerating drought. Even though, drought is a limiting factor, sorghum can withstand the harsh environments through a number of mechanisms. Stay greenness, solute accumulation, leaf rolling and root characteristics are critical events for drought resistance in sorghum crop.

Key words: Breeding, drought, Stay greenness, environments, solute accumulation


Breeding of sorghum crop for resistance and tolerance to drought