Advanced Research Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology ISSN: 1730-3494, Vol. 3(12) pp. 074-079, December, 2018. © Advanced Scholars Journals

Full Length Research paper

A study on patients willingness to pay for blood pressure measurement in community pharmacy in Bulgaria

*Fernando Amado, Paolla Amaral and Bruna Vargas 

Faculty of Public Health, Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

*Corresponding   author.   E-mail:

Accepted 22 November, 2018


The Bulgarian primary healthcare system was faced by a number of challenges: The demands of an aging population, the growing strain on the primary healthcare services and a change in the daily activities of pharmacy and other primary healthcare professionals. These changes for community pharmacist are reflected more generally in contributing to accessible and efficient primary healthcare services, known as value-added pharmacy services. The aim of our study was to assess the amount of money that the visitors and patients in community pharmacy in Bulgaria are willing to pay (WTP) for a measurement of their blood pressure. A direct face-to-face interview was conducted during two months in 2011. WTP for value-added service – measuring of the blood pressure was assessed in 100 visitors and patients of community pharmacies. Collected data were then processed to statistical analysis. The results show that respondents are willing to pay a small rate of 2 (two) BGN equivalent to near 1 EUR for this service. In general, our study of WTP for measuring blood pressure in community pharmacy showed that the service is not acceptable as value-added pharmacy services (VAPS) and WTP rate is modest.

Key words: Willingness-to-pay, blood pressure, value-added pharmacy services, pharmacy.