Advanced Journal of World Economic Planning, Implementation and Economic Prosperity of Nations




Professor Jean Will

Toulouse School of Economics 

University Capitole.


Deputy Chief Editor

Professor Paul Krugman

City University of New York,

Graduate Center,

Centenary London School of Economics



Dr  Nouriel Roubini

NYU's Stern School of Business

economic consultancy firm.


professor Erik Brynjolfsson 

MIT Sloan School, 

Economics of Information and the Analytics Lab.


Dr. Alex Otti

Harvard Business School,

U S A.


Dr  Charles Chukwuma Soludo

International Monetary Fund,

university of Cambridge,



Dr  konjo  Ben

Harvard university Economics,

regional economics and development MIT,


Dr Johnson  Bunne

School of Economics,

Faculty of Commerce,

University of Cape Town.


Professor Allan Herbert Millerin

Faculty of Business and Economics

Monash University 


Dr John farlane

Institute of Economics and Statistics

University of Oxford,



Professor John Quest

Australian Research Council Laureate

University of Queensland.


Professor Johnson  Richard

Graduate School of Management

 Deakin University.


Dr Nicholas  Richard

Department of Economics,

College of Economic and Management Sciences,

 University of South Africa




Frankly  Riedely

Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences,

University of Johannesburg,

South  Africa



Dr Rimal Ranhod

School of Economics,

Faculty of Commerce,

Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit,

 University of Cape Town.