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Prevalence of Parasites on Local and Sasso Chicken in Extensive Production System in Ankober Woreda, North Shewa Zone

1Derbie Z and Mebrate G2*
 1Ankober Woreda Agricultural and Rural Development Office,North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

*2College of Agricultural and Natural Resources Science, Department of Animal Science, Debre Berhan University,Ethiopia

*Corresponding Author’s, Tel: +251929040882, +251983006650.

Accepted 7 September, 2020.


The objective of this research paper was to access the prevalence of parasite on local and Sasso chicken in extensive production system in Ankober Woreda, North Shewa Zone. A Total of 441 chickens kept under different Agro-ecology, breed, chicken type, and age group was considered. The study was conducted in three agro-ecological zones of Ankober Woreda to generate information on the existing prevalence of parasites of village chickens. A multi-stage sampling procedure was followed to randomly select a total of 180 chicken owners from highland, midland, and lowland areas. A total of 441 chickens of different breed and age categories were randomly sampled to collect and identify some of the ecto and endoparasites and determine their prevalence. The overall prevalence of ectoparasites was 39.68% for skin mite, 34.92% for lice and 19.95% for fleas. While the overall prevalence of endoparasites were 18.74% for nematodesand 5.69% for cestodes. Exotic chickens (Sasso) (68.80%) were more infested than local chicken (13.38%). The result of the fecal analyses showed that of the 441 fecal samples collected and examined of the samples were collectively positive for nematode 82 (18.74%), and cestode 25(5.69%). The prevalence variations observed from nematodes and cestodes could partly be due to the chance of chickens to pick intermediate hosts from the ground.

Keywords: Agro-ecology, Breed, Cestodes, Endoparasites, Intermediate hosts, Nematodes.

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