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Anti-toxins weakness of a strain of SALMONELLA detached from a newborn child gave loose bowels in Delta, Nigeria.

Oghezi .O.F

Oghara Teaching Hospital, Delta State, Nigeria.


Accepted 28 May, 2017.


SALMONELLA was distinguished in the feces test of a seven months old child showing the runs and hospitalized at the Oghara Teaching Hospital, Delta State, Nigeria.. The disengage was urease negative, citrate use positive, indole negative, methyl red positive yet Voges-Proskaeur negative. It was motile, catalase negative and unfit to create hydrogen sulfide. It could mature glucose with the creation of corrosive and gas yet unfit to age lactose and sucrose. The life form was touchy to amoxillin, cotramoxazole, nitrofurantoin, gentamicin, ofloxacin and antibiotic medication yet impervious to nalidixic corrosive and augmentin.

Key words: Anti-toxins weakness, Salmonella, loose bowels, antibiotic medication, ofloxacin.



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Oghezi .O.F
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Oghezi .O.F

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