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 Production of Bioorganic Liquid Fertilizer from Khat Leaves and Onion Bulbs

Henok N, Zekeria Y* Ameha K

School of Biological and Biotechnological Sciences, Haramaya University

*Corresponding Author’s

Accepted 16 June, 2020.


Microbial formulations for producing bioorganic liquid fertilizers are promising technology in the future. Thus, the present study was aimed to produce bioorganic liquid fertilizer from khat leaves and onion bulbs through aerobic fermentation in open containers. Macronutrient composition of bioorganic fertilizer and compost tea solutions indicated that Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and sodium (Na) were found to be significant between bioorganic liquid fertilizer and compost tea (used as a control) solutions. Both compost tea and bioorganic liquid fertilizer solutions fulfills the basic requirements of plant macronutrients with respect to electrical conductivity and C:N ratio as a quality standard for organic fertilizers. The test for bioorganic liquid fertilizer produced indicated that the performance of lettuce irrigated with bioorganic fertilizer solution was performing better than compost tea solution. It was indicated that most of the measured parameters including above ground biomass per plant (BMW), days to maturity (DM), and head weight per plant (HWP) were found to be significant, between compost tea and biorganic fertilizer solutions, for all soil grown plant. The present study has produced bioorganic liquid fertilizer from domestic wastes. Using such technology will enhance waste disposal and reuse mechanisms at small and large scales. Further studies are required to be conducted on nutritional quality of vegetables grown by using such fertilizers.

Keywords: Biomass weight, Compost tea, Electrical conductivity, Lettuce, Organic Fertilizers, Plant macronutrients.


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